No Contact: Should I Ignore My Ex?

Often times, when someone wants to get their ex back, they’ll send them a constant stream of text messages and phone calls begging for their forgiveness. They’ll tell him or her that they still love them and that they’re willing to fix all the things they’ve done wrong.

However, based on expert relationship advice, it turns out that if you really want your ex back, you shouldn’t be sending them these messages. In fact, if you really want your ex to realize they made a mistake, you should be doing the complete opposite. Sound weird and counter intuitive? It is, but it works.

Relationship expert Brad Browning specializes in helping men and women reunite with their exes. He’s been doing it for over 10 years.

“When people are heartbroken, often times they’ll do or say anything to try to convince their exes to come back. But to be honest, they don’t realize that what they’re doing is destroying their chances of getting their ex back, because in fact, at this point, they should probably be ignoring their exes for now,” says Brad.

The reason being that right now, your ex knows that you want them back. You no longer pose any challenge, and therefore their attraction to you is low as they know they can have you whenever they feel like taking you back; when your ex knows for a fact that they can get back together with you in a second, the appeal and magic just disappears. What you need to do is reverse the roles completely and convince your ex that you have actually moved on and that you don’t want him or her back. 

Only then will he or she feel the need to contact you again, and only then will you be able to create that sort of “attraction” and “spark” you two had when you first met. (Brad recently released a video explaining exactly how you can get your ex back in the shortest amount of time possible.)

Yes, I understand that trying to appear to move on right now is difficult. And for some people reading this, it may sound almost impossible.

But How Long Should You Ignore Your Ex?

“For 31 days,” says Brad Browning. “That is, 31 days at the very least, depending on the situation. But 31 days has proven to be the length of time at which any person, even one who has been determined to move on from an ex, starts missing someone – especially a person that was dear to them.”

“I promise you that if you do follow the right advice, you will optimize your chances of getting your ex back.” — Brad Browning

Not only does Brad say that you should be ignoring your ex completely during this time, but he also says that you should focus on moving on before contacting them again.

He says that exercise, work, and dating other people should keep you preoccupied right now, and that “getting over your ex” is the first step to getting your ex back.

Brad also says that ignoring your ex isn’t the only thing you should be doing.

“See, what a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that your ex won’t even think about getting back together with you in your desperate state. You need to first prove to them that you actually don’t need them in your life, and ignoring them is one of the ways of doing this. You shouldn’t say it directly, of course, but you need to convey it subtly. You need to show him or her that you’ve got other singles chasing after you. And, finally, you need to communicate with them in an attractive way,” says Brad.

When asked how to communicate with your ex in an attractive way, Brad says, “You need to talk to him or her in the way you did when you two first met. You need to remind your ex, subtly, of how you two were when you first felt that initial stage of attraction towards each other. This attraction phase is the key to rekindling your relationship with your ex, and only then will he or she begin to fall back in love with you.”

Brad says that in his time as a relationship coach he has helped 80% of his clients (both men and women) get back with their ex partners. And that’s not all. Browning has recently released a step-by-step guide on how you can get your ex back, no matter your situation. In fact, LoveLearnings recently reviewed his program and was blown away by our reader’s responses.

Justin Schultz from Calgary tells us:

“My girlfriend broke up with me a month ago because I cheated on her. Worst mistake of my life. I wanted to do anything and everything to get her back. After reading Mr. Browning’s program, I realized I was doing everything incorrectly. After reading his guide a few times and applying his material, my ex girlfriend slowly began contacting me more, talking to me, and eventually, wanting to get back together with me. This was over 5 months ago and we are still together.”

Brad Browning’s program works for both men and women. In fact, unlike other programs out there, Brad has designed two separate programs – one for men and one for women. “Men and women think quite differently when it comes to relationships,” Brad says. “Women are much more passionate and rely on their emotions and instincts, whereas men don’t. They often rely on information that’s available, even though the information may just be completely wrong.”

Does Brad guarantee that ignoring your ex and following his advice will work?

“Of course not. I can’t guarantee you anything,” he says.  “Sometimes, relationships can’t be fixed, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes, not even the most powerful psychological tricks can help two people work out their immense differences. However, I promise you that if you do follow my advice, you will optimize your chances of getting your ex back. Like I said, over 90% of relationships can be salvaged, but that 10% exists.”

If this is something that interests you, then I highly suggest that you watch Brad’s video here. It’s free, and in it he reveals some little known secrets that most people will never know discover about breakups. He’ll also go over the four deadly mistakes that you could be making right now that are killing your chances of ever getting your ex back. And yes, he will go into more detail about how you to ignore your ex and lure them back into your life.


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